Maximizer 4 Software/Firmware download instructions

Software Download link -> Max 4 v-1.08

Instructions Downlad Link -> Max 4 Instructions

1. Once the file has downloaded you will need to unzip or extract the files.

2. Once the files are extracted you can click on setup.exe and follow the on screen prompts for installing the Max 4 software.

3. If your Max 4 Needs to have the firmware updated you can go into the Max 4 software and click on Help of simply push F12 to bring up the update firmware screen.

4. Make sure your Max 4 is turned on and plugged in to your computer via the supplied USB Cable.

5. Click on Browse and find the .nxb file to update the Max 4 Firmware, the file location should be found at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nitrous Express\Maximizer 4 v1.08\nxMax4.nxb"

6. Once you select the file to upload into the Max 4 as mentioned in step 4 simple click "Update Firmware".  Once this processs is complete your Max 4 is updated and ready to use.