NX Instruction Download Page


Nitrous Express Instructions

Carbureted Plate Systems



Conventional Plate Systems Motorcycle Nitrous System TPS/RPM Window Switch
Hitman Plate Instructions EFI Power Booster TPS AutoLearn (2 LED)
Gemini Plate Instructions RC Nitrous1/8 and 1/10 TPS AutoLearn (1 LED)
Dual Entry Crossbar Plate Instructions RC Nitrous 1/5 scale Trans Brake Wiring Diagram
Single Entry Crossbar Plate Instructions Dry Done Right-DDR Mini Digi-Set
Mainline Plate Systems Hayabusa Spraybar System 1st Generation Digital Window Switch

Direct Port Systems

ZX14 Spraybar System Window Switch (with RPM chips)
Nozzle systems RZR 800cc Plate System CTS V and C6 Switch Panel Diagram

EFI Single Nozzle Systems

RZR 900cc and 1000cc Plate System Mustang Switch Panel (87-93)

Can-Am SXS Plate System

GM truck suv switch panel (07-13)
Proton Systems Harley Dry Plate System GM truck suv switch panel (99-06)

Water/Methanol Systems

5th Gen Camaro Switch Panel
EFI Single Nozzle Stage 1 Gasoline and Diesel GM Truck Switch Panel(2014-up)
Dry Single Nozzle Stage 2 Gasoline and Diesel Gauge Pod Switch Panel
  Stage 3 Gasoline 2010-2014 Charger Switch Panel

GM EFI Plate Systems

Stage 3 Diesel  
Dual Stage MAF Plate Supplement    
1Pc MAF Plate Supplement    
LS 78mm plate systems    
90 and 102mm LS Plate Systems


Progressive Controllers

C7 Nitrous Plate System Remote Bottle Opener Boost Reference Progressive
5th Gen Camaro Nitrous Plate System Remote Bottle Opener (old style) Octane Series Progressive
2014-up 5.3L Nitrous Plate System Master Flo-Check Gauge Octane Series Bottle Volume
2014-up 6.2L Pickup Nitrous Plate System Purge Valve (PN 15600, 15601, 15603) 2 Dial Progressive Controller
Plate System for Hi-Ram Purge Valve (PN 15605) 4 Button Maximizer
Supercharger Lid N2O system for LT4 Softline Purge Kit (Part # 15598) Maximizer 2
  SAFE Fuel Tank Maximizer 3
  Fuel Pressure Regulator (PN 15951) Maximizer 4

Ford EFI Plate Systems

Fuel Pressure Safety Switch Maximizer 5
4.6L 2-Valve Instructions Universal Switch Panel Additional Driver for Max 5
4.6L 3-Valve Plate Supplement Bottle Heater Max EZ
4.6L 4-Valve Ford Systems Water Bath Bottle Heater  
5.0L Coyote Plate System Dual Stage Supplement  
Plate System for GT500 Billet Bottle Bracket (floor mount)  
Coyote High Output Plate System Billet Bottle Bracket (bar mount)  
Pushrod 5.0L Plate Systems NHRA Blow off fitting  
2.3L Ecoboost Plate System NXL Hose Assembly  
3.7L and 3.5L Ecoboost Plate System Refill Pump  
Plate system for 5.0L Foxbody Bottle Mounting Instructions  
Plate system for GT350 2015-Up Mustang Bracket and line kit  


Fuel Line Adapter Installation  

Dodge EFI Plate Systems

W.O.T. Switch (microswitch)  
Plate System for HEMI    
Plate System for Hellcat    




Other EFI Plate Systems

Plate System for FR-S and BRZ    
Plate System for GTR R35    



NXL Systems

Honda NXL Supplement    
LS1 NXL Supplement    

N-tercooler Systems


Diesel Systems

NXd11110 - NXd12001    
NXd1000 and NXd4000    
NXd12002 and NXd12003