Hot Water Bottle Bath

Hot Water Bottle Bath
Part Number: 15935
Brand: Nitrous Express
Price: $514.99

Hot Water Bottle Baths are a quick, reliable and convenient way to maintain consistent pressure in your 10, 12, or 15lb nitrous bottles.

The Nitrous Express Hot Water Bottle Bath is the best engineered and the highest quality water based bottle heater available. The high strength polymer construction allowed us to build in features and benefits that would not be possible with welded metal tanks. The polymer tank is stronger and more durable than a comparable metal tank plus the composite tank will never rust or oxidize. The polymer tank insulates better than metal tanks so the water heats quicker and the heater element does not have to turn on as often. The tank design also allowed us to house the electronics behind the front panel so you don’t have an ugly square box hanging off the front of the tank. We molded a separator shelf inside the tank which keeps the bottles from sliding into the heating element during transport. Carrying slots are flush molded into the side of the tank to minimize the space the tank occupies. The digital display is mounted on the top of the tank so you do not have to bend over to see the temperature setting. The digital control circuit is easy to set and automatically maintains water temperature within 1 degree of accuracy. We molded in multiple drain bungs and multiple mounting bungs so you have the flexibility to mount our supplied mounting brackets to the floor or back of the tank.


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